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Despite disliking the music greatly (even though Passenger is from my own city in Australia), this ad is just so cute you can’t go wrong. It completely shows the brands personality and demonstrates it through a way that everyone can understand/be drawn to. I am also enjoying how my first two ads after my bread have been from the same brand!

This advertisement (aired prior to and during the Super Bowl), is incredibly confusing in the way that it shows how much fun can be had with Bud Light. For a light beer, it certainly is portrayed as the ideal drink and still a great way to have fun and enjoy life. The fact that they put a real man through this experience and shot everything in one take (they did it twice, the other time with another man) seems amazing to me. I think it is a great ad.

Ad scamps/sketches for an outdoor campaign for Brisbane International Film Festival.

This was another assignment for my Copywriting class.

Advertising Problem:

People are increasingly watching movies on their home theatres, home computers, phones etc and are losing touch with the pure cinema going experience to see movies they might not otherwise see.

Advertising Objectives:

To inform 70% of the target market that the 2013 BIFF is coming in November and to persuade them that BIFF will provide them with a unique film-going experience for serious movie lovers in Brisbane.


“For serious movie lovers.”

Target audience:

Males and females. 18-60. Serious movie lovers who may love and watch movies but who have started to watch movies more at home or on personal devices and have lost touch with the genuine movie-going experience.

Ad mock-ups for Bellata Gold (QUT assignment)
This year I was lucky enough to do a Copywriting subject at uni. These mockups show what I came up with creating awareness of Bellata Gold pasta through a print campaign.

Advertising Problem:
There is a currently a lack of awareness of Bellata Gold’s Flavoured Pasta range.

Advertising Objective:
To increase brand awareness of Bellata Gold Flavoured Pasta within the target market by 60% over 3 months. 

“Premium pasta with a twist.”


Amanda Berglund   |   http://amandaberglund.com

"A fictional pizzeria rebranding concept. Pizza Presto is a breakfast pizzeria where you can get yourself a slice of pizza and coffee on your way to work. The graphic profile and the pattern are inspired by the colours of a sunrise, the sizzling sound of bacon, orange juice and fried eggs."

My name is Amanda Berglund and I’m a graphic designer, photographer and full-time dreamer. I’m a in design at HDK (School of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg. When I’m not designing or taking photos I’ve had a little dream of becoming a DJ, which might come true sometime soon.

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Hello Tumblr.

I have decided to return.

Although this is not advertising related, just thought I would share a few photos from the fantastic weekend I just had at Splendour In The Grass.


Juice Kuaför Salonu’nun metro merdivenleri için uyguladığı etkili çalışması.


Smart ideas for Smarter cities

Amazing commercial from Clemenger BBDO Brisbane for the Brisbane Museum. They have actually made the Brisbane Museum look like an incredibly interesting and beautiful place!

Philly cheese.

Am researching good print copy for my Advertising Copywriting subject and I am loving to use of cheeky copy in Philly’s “love it shamelessly” print campaign.